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Merja Matero

As patients and healthcare professionals continue to experience preventable adverse events and work-related injuries, the need for healthcare improvement has never been greater.

We have an opportunity to learn from them in an individual, team and organisational level via a systems approach. The focus on systemic factors enables us to continually improve our working environment and processes, and avoid wasting our precious resources.

Although patients and the public trust healthcare professionals to provide care that is safe, efficient, effective, timely, patient-centered and equitable, the workforce today might not be consistently prepared to provide high quality care and ensure patient safety.

Professional and organisational learning is the key to advancing healthcare quality and safety. We believe that Continuing Professional Development is a life-long commitment to self-directed learning, system changes and quality improvement. It is vital that people know how to identify problems, apply solutions and focus on improving performance.

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"Quality and safety belongs to everyone from bedside to boardroom."


Merja Matero
MSc in Quality and Safety in Healthcare Management