About HRO

Our Mission, Vision and Values

HRO Professional Development Limited

In the words of Erin DuPree, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President for the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare: 'Achieving high reliability is an ongoing journey, a learning journey, where we acknowledge how much we don't know and how much there is to learn'.

Our Mission

  • Initiate a dialogue between healthcare professionals and organisations
  • Deliver an overriding purpose and message on quality and safety improvement
  • Empower healthcare professionals to improve their work environment and processes
  • Engage healthcare professionals to 'do better' and reduce wasting valuable resources

Our vision

  • Contribute to a meaningful and positive change in the lives of all healthcare professionals
  • Enhance the healthcare sector's ability to erase preventable adverse events, work related injuries and waste

Our values reflect our core principles in life:
Commitment, honesty, openness and respect.